Leveraging the power of Deep Learning (DL)
and Blockchain in Drug Design and Discovery

Leveraging the power of Deep Learning (DL)
and Blockchain in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)


YVLabs aspires to be the leading Biotechnology and Digital Health Research and Development ventures studio that creates AI-Enabled Biotechnology and Digital Health startups providing capital, recruiting the founding team members, providing strategic direction to achieve product-market fit. The team multi-discipline, multi-national, multi-cultural team members are located internationally (US, India, Algeria and Malaysia) is recognized for its excellence in innovation, creativity and discovery.


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Greg Getten

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Nabila Berrabia

Chief Product Officer
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Khadidja Mahdjoubi

Project Manager

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Ghassan Hadj Ahmed

Director, Product Development
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Noureddine Boumahdi

Director, Product Development


AI Enabled Drug Design & Discovery

Drug discovery utilizing Deep Learning (DL) with Blockchain to discover Small Molecules, Peptides and Antibody targets that could give therapeutic benefits dependent on known target structures. Majority of AI use-cases and rising technologies for clinical trial seem to revolve around three essential applications: patient recruitment, clinical trial design and its optimization.

AI-Enabled Medical Diagnostics

Utilizing Deep Learning (DL) with Blockchain technologies are being used in the diagnosis of cancers. DL applications also include in pathology and in rare disease diagnosis. Recent study has shown DL being more accurate than cardiologists in detecting heart diseases.

AI-Enabled Radiotherapy and Radiology

Deep Learning (DL) with Blockchain technologies has proven to be instrumental in reducing the radiation therapy planning process to just minutes, thus saving radiologists several days and improving patient care, creating machine learning calculations to build the precision of radiotherapy arranging by separating sound tissues from malignant ones.

AI Enabled Patient Engagement Apps

Patient Engagement Applications utilizing Deep Learning (DL) with Blockchain with predictive modeling and analysis based on healthcare data that are used for encouraging patients in their own care to help improve health outcomes, drive better patient care, and achieve lower costs.

AI Enabled Remote Monitoring Apps

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) utilizing Deep Learning (DL) with Blockchain technologies to collect medical health data from smart devices and electronically transfer the information securely to Electronic Health Records (EHR) for assessment and treatment recommendations.

Bioinformatics and Chemoinformatics

Applications that utilizes Deep Learning (DL) with Blockchain databases where integration of genetic and genomic data, cheminformatic comparisons of proteins to help improve personalized medicine, and the prediction of protein function from sequence data and structural information.


Ailynix is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Drug Design and Discovery Research and Development company, applying Deep Learning (DL) and Convolutional Graph Networks (CGNs) with , which utilize either supervised training procedures that is the foundation of its proprietary Computational Drug Design and Discovery Platforms, which in turn creates multiple AI-Enabled Biotech startups and collaborating with Academia and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) end-to-end integration that aims to improve the linking of data elements, to enhance the linkages among all stakeholders in drug research, development, commercialization, and delivery.

Ackyee a subsidiary of Ailynix, headquartered in Silicon Valley California employing Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Blockchain technology to create GPCR Molecular Identification Design and Structure (GPCRMIDAS). This is a platform used by Biotech startups and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) focusing on Small Molecule Drugs Targeting Allosteric, Functional, and Subunit-Selective Sites on GPCRs utilizing is platform GPCRMIDAS

Sprectroo a subsidiary of Ailynix, that has created a AI-Driven Drug Derivatization and Repurposing Platform that incorporates Deep Learning, Blockchain and Genomics.